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    • Counselling: Assessment & Treatment Planning HeartQuest’s highly skilled and effective counsellors educate and provide...
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    • HeartQuest offers 'state of the art' Drug and Alcohol Testing. We can test for 12 of the most common used drugs. Presently…
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    • The Medical Monitoring process is an ongoing deliverable of the formal Relapse Prevention Agreement, which the client signs as a contingency management
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    • What is an Intervention? An Intervention is a discreet and professionally planned process designed to illustrate the reality of...
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    • HeartQuest provides 8 and 16 hour USA DUI and court ordered Education Courses, as well as 72 hour USA court ordered Education Courses.
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             HeartQuest Provides:    

     HeartQuest logo 2015

    Locations: Vancouver & Burnaby
    Vancouver Office: 2839 Kingsway Street (Entrance on Fairmont Street)

    Burnaby Office: 2025 Willingdon Avenue, Suite 927

    Click or call 604.818.1771 for immediate assistance!

    CBC logo2HeartQuest CEO Cory Wint featured on CBC NewsCBC logo2 







    HeartQuest CEO Cory Wint featured in The Vancouver Sun
    (Click on Vancouver Sun logo to go to Ariticle)

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    HeartQuest CEO Cory Wint featured in Business in Vancouver

                                                    Business in Vancouver


    For a personal statement from CEO Cory Wint, Click Here

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    We pride ourselves on being on the frontier of providing immediate assistance for people suffering from the effects of alcohol and/or drugs.

    Why wait for services when you don't have to.


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    Medicard Healthcare loans available . . . Click on Medicard logo and apply under HeartQuest


    Addiction and alcohol abuse in Vancouver, drug abuse in Vancouver, BC, alcohol addiction in Vancouver, BC - all of these remain central in discussions of substance abuse in Vancouver, British Columbia and the rest of Canada. HeartQuest is a premier substance abuse service provider in Vancouver, BC, helping to turn those statements into solutions such as: recovery and treatment for substance abuse in British Columbia, addiction counselling for substance abuse in Vancouver, Treatment for substance abuse in Vancouver, and rehab and recovery in Vancouver, BC.

    At HeartQuest we understand that Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are chronic, progressive diseases. Left unchecked, substance abuse and dependance have proven to be costly and even deadly. HeartQuest offers a number of need specific substance abuse services which help the client disconnect form destructive substance abuse, moving them towards productive societal integration.

    Whether you live in Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Delta, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, or White Rock, HeartQuest is there for you. And, if you reside in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta, we offer our services to you as well.

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